TERRADA's wine cellars boast facilities and services to satisfy every need,
from individual wine enthusiasts to bulk importers of wine



In TERRADA's cellars, temperature and humidity are strictly controlled to maintain a space comparable to a traditional underground wine cellar. Off-grid power generators protect your valuable wine in the event of a power outage or disaster.



Access is controlled through a three-part security system consisting of a card key, a password, and a cellar key. Only individuals authorized by the customer have access to each cellar, further protecting the customers' privacy. Cellars are earthquake-resistant and fireproof, and you can rest assured your valuable wine is well-protected.



In addition to storage, we offer enhanced services, including concierges to recommend ideal times for enjoying each of your wines and an elegant lounge where you can share those joyful occasions with friends. Our cellars will enrich your wine life, whether tasting alone or chatting with friends.


We gladly provide suggestions tailored to your needs. Please contact us to discuss.

Walk-in type

Walk-in Type
Large-capacity walk-in wine cellars are available for those who wish to have their own room dedicated to wine, offering ample space for storing over 1,200 bottles. Some cellars also allow individual control over lighting, temperature and humidity. Cellars are available for weekend retrieval and storage.
Rates vary depending on facility location.
Price Monthly fee starting from 100,000 yen~ (before tax).
*Rates vary depending on facility location.

Wooden Type

Wooden Type
Just the right size for storing up to about 500 bottles of wine. Cellars are deep, and include height-adjustable shelving. Customized nameplates are available.
Price Monthly fee starting from 50,000 yen~ (before tax).

Carl Robinson PHOTO

Making Wine Cellars More Familiar
Carl Robinson, Wine Importer
Having lived in Japan nearly 20 years, Carl Robinson now runs a wine import company. He is a wine lover himself, and once turned a room in his house into a wine cellar.
"I set up some racks, and stored about 800 bottles of wine in a room. I had to leave the air conditioner on year-round. It was a challenge ? I lost an entire room to wine, and the electricity bills were costly. …read more

Dr. Fujitoshi Yanagida PHOTO

Staying a step ahead in wine storage
Dr. Fujitoshi Yanagida, Professor, The Institute of Enology and Viticulture, University of Yamanashi
The Institute of Enology and Viticulture at the University of Yamanashi is Japan's only center for scientific research into wine. Warehouse TERRADA had asked professor Yanagida, the Institute's "wine scientist," to conduct research into wine and storage temperatures, a three-year project which is now entering its final phase. …read more


Q.What type of wine cellars are available?
We offer both "Walk-in" and "Wood Made" cellars. Walk-in type cellars offer the ability to adjust the layout of the room to your liking. Some cellars also allow you to set lighting levels and temperatures to your taste.
Q.Can I add and remove bottles in storage?
Yes, you are welcome to visit anytime during business hours to retrieve or add bottles. We are open seven days a week so you can access your wines at your convenience.
Q.How are the wine bottles transported?
As a rule, customers are responsible for transporting their own wine. However, at Wine Cellar Shinagawa, we also offer delivery and temporary storage, and refrigerated delivery services are available in some regions. Please contact us for details.
Q.How long are your contracts?
Contracts and cancellations are on a monthly basis. Pro-rated terms are not available.
Q.What do I need to complete a contract?

For customers requesting a personal contract, please have the following two items on hand:

・Personal identification (printed with the address that will appear on the contract);
・and a valid credit card.

For customers requesting a corporate contract, please have the following five items on hand:

・A Certificate of Full Registry Records (issued within the past three months);
・Certificate of Seal Registration (issued within the past three months);
・the registered seal;
・information on the bank account from which payments will be deducted;
・and the seal associated with that bank account.